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 Basic Rules

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Basic Rules Empty
PostSubject: Basic Rules   Basic Rules Icon_minitimeSun Dec 04, 2011 11:23 pm

GodModding & meta gaming - simple don't do it if you do then you will get one warning

Warning system - Each member & mod/admin get a set of warnings if you break enough rules you will be banned for a day after 5 warning. After 10 you will be banned for a week after 25 you will be banned for a month and if you reach a total of 50 warning you will be perma banned

Swearing - allowed IC posting but please refrain yourself from swearing in the chat box. 1 warning if you break

Harassment - calling names threatening people - 2 warning if we found out you did something to them IRL perma ban instant

Sexual Harassment - Don't end of story - 2 warning

racist harassment - Again don't 2 warning
These rules will be added on if I see something I don't like that I see unfair etc I wont go saying however "You can not post ever if you do I will ban you" Don't worry I wont do stuff like that if another mod or admin does PM me not any other PM me
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Basic Rules
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