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 Curses, Seals and more!

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Curses, Seals and more! Empty
PostSubject: Curses, Seals and more!   Curses, Seals and more! Icon_minitimeSat Dec 17, 2011 2:45 pm

Cursed marks, Curse marks give every user a 50% chance of death due to the body not excepting it, if it does except the curse mark then you get it, an Admin will flip a cone user calls it if it is good then you get it if not you die. This counts for all ranks and you will not be revived. If a user gains more then one cursed mark they will have a 100% chance of death no exceptions and no revival. Curse marks can come in any amount of stages, the stages must be different ranks.
D - 100 words training

C 500

B 800

A 1000

S 1500

Seals, A user can only have one seal no exceptions two seals will result in loss of both seals.

To place a seal

100 words D ranked

500 C

800 B

1000 A

1800 S

Summonings, A user can have up to 10 summoning but have to be in the same family, meaning you can not have a snake and a bird, you can have a snake and a chameleon though as they are both in the reptile family.

D ranked summong are 500 words

C 800

B 1300

A 1800

S 2200
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Curses, Seals and more!
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