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PostSubject: Sanebo    Sun Dec 18, 2011 7:23 pm

Name - Sanebo

Nickname - The Sage of Six Paths Reborn

Age - 23

B-day - May 8th

Village- Iwagakure

Rank- Jounin

Clan - ???

- Bloodline: Rinnegan

History -
When he was 3, Sanebo's parents abandoned him at an orphanage. Growing up there he liked to read and learned more than others there. At 12 he enrolled in the Ninja Academy. His Rinnegan and advanced knowledge allowed him to do better. Sanebo took advanced ninja art classes and graduated at 14. As a Genin Sanebo took part in missions alone. The Tsuchikage had ordered this to "not waste young ninja". He completed several missions easily. At the age of fifteen Sanebo took the Chuunin Exams and passed in first place in the final stage. When he became a Chuunin he set out to hone his Jutsu and Rinnegan. On his journeys he obtained five bodies which he would use for the paths. Two from a traveling caravan, two Konoha ninja, and one missing-nin. Sanebo returned to Iwagakure at eighteen for the Jounin Exams. Using the Rinnegan he passed and became a solo elite. 3 years later a band of ninja attacked and stoll scrolls from the village. 21-year old Sanebo was sent to kill them and bring the bodies and scrolls back. He slaughtered them and completed the mission mercilessly. The leader of the group however was identified as Sanebo's father. Sanebo was shocked and partially traumatized by the event. With Tsuchikage's permission, he made the body into his final path and left the village. To this day Sanebo is 23 and traveling the world, avoiding havoc like war, enemy ninja, diseases, missing-nin, Bijuu and other things searching for his greater purpose.

Personality - Sanebo is simply put, a sage. He always analyzes every situation and takes it seriously no matter how insignificant. He only does things HE wants and never follows the orders of others except for superiors. This makes him hard to cooperate with during missions. This is due to him never having to be on a team in the first place as he was always alone. Sanebo does whatever is needed to reach the goal and has no care for the method to do it. He can at times be a little psychotic and ruthless because of traumatic events in his childhood. Sanebo rarely shows compassion to others and usually keeps his emotions to himself as he thinks emotions are "just another weakness".

Appearance -
Sanebo is 5'11" and weighs 198 lbs. He wears a long deep purple cape made from silk. he wears a pitch black vest ( similar to Jiraiya's ) over his thick gray kimono. His pants are standard shinobi leggings colored gray. Sanebo's face is pale like the rest of his skin and his eyes are the legendary Rinnegan purple with bullseye ripple pattern. His face is covered by the mask he wears. It is a dark gray mixed with black. The design is two vortexes with their centers being the eyeholes. Sanebo has reddish purple hair that is short and ruffled.

Starting jutsu, & weapons: Chakra Disruption Blade, Knows every jutsu his Paths know, Kusarigama

RP sample -
(This is from another site on my approved Academy character)

Sunlight filtered throughout the cold, damp room.
A loud ,"Wakeup Mazekara! It's time for breakfast!", could be heard all around the Tademo estate. "Uggghhhnn....", Mazekara moaned. He slowly propped up on his bed and looked around the room. "Whew...", he sighed, noting that no rogue shinobi was going to pounce and kill him. He got up and walked over to his closet, grabbing himself some clothes, his coat, red belt, and ninja gear. Mazekara NEVER letting down his guard once.

He walked out of the room picking up his copy of "Jutsu: Techniques, Uses, Creativity, and Combinations" on the way out. He read as he walked down stairs, putting his coat on over his clothes, never to be seen without it except in the heat of battle when it's been forcibly ripped from him. He even read while eating his microwaved breakfast, thinking about his self-composed song, "Twilight of the Red Moon". "No, no it still has flaws...", commenting on it as he hummed the song quietly to himself. After finishing breakfast he got up and requested to his mom for a new ninjutsu manual.
"What?! But you already have your personal library downstairs! Why do you need ANOTHER one?", she exclaimed, put off by the question.
"Because", Mazekara stated,"I've read them all multiple times and their wonderful to read during battle, but I haven't found what I'm looking for..."
"Ask your father I'm no ninja. He's the jounin for god's sake!!", his mother said.
Mazekara let out a big sigh as he walked out the door to the Ninja Academy, pack full of jutsu and ninja technique guides. Off to another boring day...

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PostSubject: Re: Sanebo    Sun Dec 18, 2011 7:42 pm

Lol plz add your village and rank lol (Sorry adding that now)
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PostSubject: Re: Sanebo    Sat Jan 21, 2012 4:52 pm

Remove WIP from the name, approved
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PostSubject: Re: Sanebo    

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