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 NNDRPG's plot

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PostSubject: NNDRPG's plot   Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:46 pm

Shinobi, they have known peace since the forth great ninja war, Tobi had been successfully defeated, the Bijuu all safe and set free. The shinobi at peace, they had lived united, under one ruler. The Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki had been decided as Hokage, and leader of the united shinobi nation. Of course, being a Jinchuriki and a kage could cause problems, soon a new threat rose from the ashes of the old akatsuki, they had the same objective to capture the bijuu and unleash the ten tails. Life had not seen this threat coming until they had first launched their plans, they had struck Konohagakure, capturing and killing successfully retrieving the nine tailed demon fox.

Panic had went throughout the shinobi villages, the five great kage eventually canceled their alliance and broke apart into five different nations. War had broken out once more due to the fact that they were panicking over power just as before, they stole Jinchuriki from enemy nations, war seemed endless. Eventually everyone settled down once more. The shinobi would watch over their Jinchuriki restlessly making sure they would not fall into the new threats hands.
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NNDRPG's plot
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