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 Chakra guide

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PostSubject: Chakra guide   Chakra guide Icon_minitimeFri Jan 27, 2012 9:19 pm

Chakra Guide

This chakra guide is a guide which most likely hasn't been used before. This is a percentage based chakra system, kind of like stats but better in a way.

S ranked (Sannin, Kage, S ranked missing nin)

S ranks have 90% chakra when they start

A ranked (ANBU, Jounin, Head ANBU)

A ranks start with 70% chakra

B ranks (Chuunin, B ranked missing nin)

These ranks start with 50% chakra

C ranked (Genin C-D ranked missing nin)

C ranks start with 30% chakra

Academy students get 15% chakra when starting as


The guide above explins the starter chakra guide, meaning if yo start as genin and earn chuunin this does not mean you get the chakra they start with, you keep the chakra you had when you ranked up, you need to train the chakra, 200 words would = 1 Percantage boost for your chakra, the training needs to be about chakra in a way, pushing a boulder around your village aint gonna do nothing for you.

Training jutsu, Walking on walls, walking on water etc whatever involves chakra, now, using chakra training only counts for one post

So say you walk up a wall in one post, then post 150 words about going home, onl the 50 words of walking on the wall would count unless you make it in the going home post you were using chakra training.

The jutsu use up a certain percent of the ninja's chakra

E ranks - 2% Chuunin+ (Academy students - 5%, genin - 3%)

D ranks -

Academy students - 10%

Genin - 8%

Chuunin - 5%

Jounin - 4%

Sannin - 2%

C ranks -

Academy students - 20%

Genin - 18%

Chuunin - 14%

Jounin - 10%

Sannin - 7%

B ranks -

Academy student - 35%

Genin - 25%

Chuunin - 20%

Jounin - 15%

Sannin - 10%

A ranks -

Academy students - 50%

Genin - 40%

Chuunin - 32%

Jounin - 15%

Sannin - 10%

S ranks -

Academy students - 90%

Genin - 85%

Chuunin - 75%

Jounin - 60%

Sannin - 40%
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Chakra guide
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